Coach Chris Kolaxis

Hard2Guard is a Non-Profit Organization 501(c)3

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Hard2Guard is based in North Pinellas County, FL

Hard2Guard Director  

Coach Chris Kolaxis




Coach Kolaxis is the Founder and Director of Hard2Guard Basketball. With over 25 years of playing and coaching experience, Coach Kolaxis is determined to improve basketball in Pinellas County Florida through training, camps, leagues, tournaments, and community outreach.

Coach Chris is a Certified Coach through USA Basketball

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Our Mission:

To enhance the quality of life and create memorable experiences by connecting the community through basketball and family fun events.

"Hard2Guard is a Christ Driven Organization here to better the lives of the people in our community through basketball and events..."

-Coach Chris

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H2G Back2School 2016 Tournament Photos

3x3 Rules of the Game

Court and Ball
A regular 3x3 court playing surface is 15m (width) x 11m (length) The official 3x3 ball shall be used in all categories

Team Roster
4 players
3 + 1 substitute
Note: game must start with 3 (three) players in FIBA 3x3 Official Competitions

1 or 2

Time/Score keeper(s)
Up to 2

1 per team and 2 TV-time outs, if any, at first dead ball after 6:59 and 3:59 dead ball, 30 seconds

Initial possession
Coin flip
Note: the team that wins the coin flip decides whether it takes the ball or leaves it, in order to get it in a potential overtime

1 point and 2 points, if scored behind the arc

Game duration & Score limit
1 x 10 minutes, playing time

Score limit: 21 points. Applies to regular playing time only

Note: if a game clock is not available, running time length and sudden death score is at organizer's discretion. FIBA recommends setting score limit in line with the game duration (10 minutes/10 points; 15 minutes/15 points; 21 minutes/21 points)

First team to score two (2) points wins the game

Shot clock
12 seconds
Note: if a shotclock device is not available, referee to warn and count down the 5 last seconds

Free throw(s) following a shooting foul
free throw
free throws, if foul committed behind the arc

Foul limit per team
6 team fouls

Penalty for team fouls7, 8 and 9
2 free throws

Penalty for team fouls 10 and more
2 free throws + ball possesion

Possession following a successful goal

Defense possession

Right underneath the hoop
Ball to be dribbled or passed to a player behind the arc

Defensive team not allowed to play for the ball inside the "no-charge semicircle" area underneath the basket 

...following a dead ball
Check ball exchange behind the arc (at the top)

...following a defensive rebound or steal
Ball to be dribbled/passed behind the arc

...following a jumpball situation
Defense possession

In dead ball situations, prior to the check ball

The substitute can enter the game after his teammate steps off the court and establishes a physical contact with him behind the end line opposite the basket. Substitutions require no action from the referees or table officials

*A player is considered to be "behind the arc" if neither of his feet are inside nor step the arc

**Official FIBA Basketball Rules apply for all game situations not specifically mentioned above

***Refer to 3x3 Rules of the Game text version for standings, default, forfeits, protests and disqualification

©FIBA, January 2015


Rules & Regulations